JD Edwards Playday™

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."  -Bernard Shaw 

A Playday™ is a hands-on, no-hype and no-pitch environment where end users can actually sit down and work with software products. 

Whether you are curious about new functionality or need key individuals to understand the impact an upgrade could have on your organization, Playdays can help.

Event Snapshot:
  • Attendees are given self-guided scripts and offered consultant assistance as they navigate through the product.
  • Playday scripts cover both technical and functional processes, meaning we have  hands-on learning  opportunities for IT team members as functional users alike.

Playday Script Library Includes:
  • EnterpriseOne Adjustment Entries
  • EnterpriseOne Advanced Allocations
  • EnterpriseOne Advanced Pricing
  • EnterpriseOne Kit Processing
  • EnterpriseOne Reversing Entry Control
  • EnterpriseOne Applications 9.1 Enhancements
  • EnterpriseOne One View Reporting
  • World Interactive Export
  • World Interactive Import
  • World Batch Import
  • World Web Client
  • UPK Developer
  • BI Publisher
  • InsightSoftware.com - Insight 2 JD Edwards